Biography of Stuart


  1. Personal Information
  2. Education
  3. Major
  4. All my travels
  5. Why I'm taking this class

Personal Information

I was born in Omaha, and have lived most of my life here.


After high school, I attended a junior college in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I am now glad to be here at Unomaha


My major is undecided as of today. I would like to work for a land developer in some capacity.

All my travels

I have traveled twice to Argentina to fly fish. While there, I made a quick trip to Chile.

Why I'm taking this class

I hope to learn more about the world and learn how to get organized when planning a trip.

Assigned videos

I have watched all the videos with the exception of "Where to Invade Next"-- which I'm about 2/3 the way through. I found where to invade next on a free documentary site. The others I found on Tubi and Youtube

I agree to post all assignments for this course on the web for the professor and other students to view.

Submitted by Stuart S on January 24, 2019.